Saturday, September 25, 2010



Yesterday my class was organising the Friday-party at campus.. The theme was 'The people of the sea'.. I had totally forgot to think about a costume to wear, so when I came home after having lessons I needed to think up a costume in a hurry.. I decided to be a pirate, 'caus that was what I could make with the clothes I had (and never uses :p)

But I couldn't be a pirate without the typical pirate equipment.. So I made an eye patch and a hook! And of course I had to do pirate-themed nails (but it should be done quickly - I was in a hurry!)

Here's the nails (before I ruined it, because I didn't have the time to let it dry fully)
My thought was to do a kind of a pirate-flag (just with the symbol and the colors). After I painted my nails black I thought 'Damn, I should have used my Matte is Murder, it could have looked so cool!'. So I thought I'd just use the MatteAstrophe, even though I knew I was certain there would be crackle.. And I'm quite happy I did that, 'caus it gives it a more pirate-y look!

Here's a picture with my hook (well you can only see a part of it in the pic). I took this when I came home, so the skull'n'bones-nail is a bit disfigured..

I really liked this mani even though it's sooo simple..

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :) I'm using mine to write my exam paper and study, study, study.. But tomorrow my parents are going to visit me and my brother, but more about that tomorrow :)

Sea (hah! - bad humour) ya!

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