Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good intentions, but not quite as good an outcome..

Well.. I had this idea when I tried my Gosh Rainbow.. I wanted to lie a camp fire.. And then I thought "Why not use Matte is Murder as bse colour, it must make a good nightsky.. And then I'll add a tent.. And some stars!" And so I tried.. But it didn't really turn out good..

But I like the camp fires! I should just have stopped there.. But here it is:

I made this yesterday evening and I'm really trying not to remove it now! It's not really fun to look at :/ But my cuticles are really not having a good time at the moment, so I'm trying not to disturb them too much.. But I know what design to do next, so I'm kindof just waiting to be able to do it! Well, I'll se what happens.. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I spent money on polishes today :/ Well I'm thrilled, but I shouldn't do that! haha. But my excuse was that it's payday in a couple of days and I still had some money left..
One of the polishes was Gosh - Rainbow that I've wanted for a loong time! It was on sale (not much cheaper but still) so I had to get it.. And as soon as I got home I tried on top of my current design.. This design is inspired by one of Cille's designs here.

This is my current design as of yesterday:
Left hand, without flash

Right hand without flash

And here's it with 2 coats of Rainbow.. It was so difficult to photograph, but most of you know how it looks anyway..

I really like this design :) It's simple, yet lovely! And there are colors!! haha..

I have a good idea what to do next.. And it involves Rainbow! I just hope it turns out okay.. But I'll see :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

I've gone matte crazy!

After making my pirates nails I really wanted to do something with matte and shiny polishes. I had this great idea with a green polishof mine and matte is murder.. But it didn't really turn out that well..

with flash

My idea was to have both matte and shiny in the design, but one nail with a regular topcoat so it would be all shiny and show all the loveliness of Matte is murder.
I decided to try out with one nail with Matte-astrophe on top, so there would be one complete matte, on complete shiny and the rest was both matte and shiny..

Here's how it looks:

Without flash

But it was so difficult to do the nail art with matte is murder, because it dries because it's matte.. So I didn't like how it looked at all!

So I decided to mattefy all the nails but one.. It made it a bit better, but not much..

Without flash

I should have done the other way round, withMatte is murder as a base and do the nail art with the green, but I was afraid that the green wouldn't really show when put on top the black polish.. But maybe I should try that another time..

It's about time to remove this anyway - I've been wearing it for 2½ day! That's a long time for a mani I don't like, but I'm pretty busy at the moment..

I hope I'll be back soon :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010



Yesterday my class was organising the Friday-party at campus.. The theme was 'The people of the sea'.. I had totally forgot to think about a costume to wear, so when I came home after having lessons I needed to think up a costume in a hurry.. I decided to be a pirate, 'caus that was what I could make with the clothes I had (and never uses :p)

But I couldn't be a pirate without the typical pirate equipment.. So I made an eye patch and a hook! And of course I had to do pirate-themed nails (but it should be done quickly - I was in a hurry!)

Here's the nails (before I ruined it, because I didn't have the time to let it dry fully)
My thought was to do a kind of a pirate-flag (just with the symbol and the colors). After I painted my nails black I thought 'Damn, I should have used my Matte is Murder, it could have looked so cool!'. So I thought I'd just use the MatteAstrophe, even though I knew I was certain there would be crackle.. And I'm quite happy I did that, 'caus it gives it a more pirate-y look!

Here's a picture with my hook (well you can only see a part of it in the pic). I took this when I came home, so the skull'n'bones-nail is a bit disfigured..

I really liked this mani even though it's sooo simple..

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :) I'm using mine to write my exam paper and study, study, study.. But tomorrow my parents are going to visit me and my brother, but more about that tomorrow :)

Sea (hah! - bad humour) ya!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn colors with dots

I'm quite busy right now, we are writing our first exam paper (we are not even a month into our study :o !!) and a have a presentation to do on friday, so I haven't gotten around to do any nail art..

I'm currently wearing a 'skittles-mani' which I was supposed to do some smiley faces on, but I haven't gotten the time yet.. But maybe I'll do it tomorrow!

Here's a mani I did a couple of weeks ago..
I can't really remember what I wanted to do with this mani, other than wanting some more dark, autum-ish colors.. I used a brown/purple-ish color and a dark brown/black-ish color, sponged the darker one on top of the other.. And then I think my thought was 'there's missing something' and then suddenly the red dots where there..

With flash

Without flash

The red color is a franken, that I made for my autumn design..
I had ambivalent feelings towards thi mani.. A kind of hate/love relationship (if you can call anything that has to do with your nails for relationship :p).. Sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it.. I'm not sure what it was, but I think it has something to do with the dots..

See ya :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Multicolored bubbles, space hoppers or whatever..

Heya and happy Monday :)

This monday is a bit special for me, as we are a couple of guys from Uni who are having a kind of challenge in this week. Since our study is about understanding other cultures and stuff like that, we wanted to try out something from a different culture. So we are having our own mini Ramadan this week.. So that means we are not eating while the sun is on the sky.. So today I haven't been eating from 6.52 am to 7.13 pm.. I was staaarving! And I felt a bit silly when I was sitting with my freshly made food at 7.10 pm, waiting and staring at the food.. haha

There's nothing religous or anything in it, but it's fun to challenge your body and mind, because we are so used to be able to eat all the time.. And when we are going on field work when we become anthropologists, we are going to endure all kinds of weird things anyway..
All of a sudden you really appreciate food (not that I haven't always done that) It's exciting to see if I can keep this up until friday evening when our challenge ends!

Well on to the nails:

I had this idea for a mani with a lot of colored bubbles/space hoppers, maybe soap bubbles? - I'm not really sure what, but something colorful, round and able to float/jump/fly through space.. Not space like in the galaxy but just through something.. Err.. let me just show you the result...:
Right hand with flash
Left hand with flash
Left hand without flash..

I liked the result.. It didn't turn out like expected, but it was colorful and it made me happy :) And I got a lot of nice comment on it..

Mmmm, colors!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another franken :)


Hope you've all had a grat weekend.. I have, but now I'm just tired and a little hangover-ish.. But hey, that's how it is ;)

This franken I made a while ago, andyesterday I decided to try it out finally..
It's a kind of dusty lavender-kind of purple.. ish..? I'm really bad at deciding colors.. But this picture is pretty color accurate, and if you click on the picture you can see the shimmer in it :)

I decided to sponge a black base with purple shimmer over some of it (I used that polish in the franken too)

That wasn't really enough, so I picked another purple and dotted a line in the middle and on top of the dots I dotted a rainbow-glitter.. Did that sentence make any sense? I'm pretty tired right now, so I can't really concentrate on making accurate sentences :p
I actually like the reault a lot.. I think I'm going to do something similar, but with other colors at some point..

See ya!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playing with frankens..

I've done a lot of frankens recently.. Probably because I haven't had the money to buy new polishes, but I wanted something new to look at..

Well, I wanted to try them out so I could se how they apply, dry and look on the nail. They are all a mix of a lot of different brands, so it could go wrong..

I changed some of the polishes a bit after the first coat, to make them more like I wanted them to be.. But these pics is pretty color-accurate..

Some of them I wanted to change a bit more, but there wasn't enough room in the bottle and I'm not pouring some of it out! haha.. So I'll just have to wait 'till I've used some more of it..
This is probably the best shot of them..

See ya! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My best franken ever! And weather-inspired nails..

I've seriously made my best franken ever! Not only do I really love how it looks, but it's also amazing when it comes to drying time and coverage.. I also have the same problems with (almost) all of my polishes; it takes ages to dry! I don't know why, I'm not that impatient or anything, but most of the time I spend hours after finishing a mani trying to not make any dents or anything.. But this franken.. When I finished polishing the last nail, the first one was dry! None of my polishes ever do that! Not even with help from my 'fast drying top coat' (which isn't very fast drying). So I have no idea how this franken turned out to be a super fast drying one?

I'm seriously amazed.. I've never done a mani faster that this one today! Not even a mani without nail art (even though that doesn't happen often)

Well enough with the rambling, I'm just very puzzled about how it could happen..
Here's the polish:

With flash

Without flash

When I made this franken yesterday, it somehow inspired me to do nails based on yesterdays weather; rainy and windy..

Without flash

With flash

I know that red doesn't have anything to do with rain, trees and lightning (yeah, that was what I tried to make :p) in real life but on my nails it does! At least today..

I loove the colors :D

Have you ever made a franken that totally surprised you (positively)?

That must be enough blabbering for today!

See ya!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corals.. ish..


Today was my day off! And what better way of using a rainy, stormy autumn day than taking a swin in the ocean? It was reeeally nice! Cold, yea, but you have this very nice feeling in your body afterwards.. We were a group of 10 people from Uni, and we are going to do this approx. once a month troughout the winter.. So it's going to be even more cold.. But fun :)

On the the nails..

This is a mani where I wanted to try out all my coral-like, orange/pink-ishs..
I kind of liked it.. Well, I liked the idea, but I was pretty sloppy when I made it, so it didn't turn out that well.. It was supposed to be bows :p It kind of just look like.. yeah I don't know..
But I really liked the combination of colors..

It got destroyed the same day by paint, so the next day I decided to do a mani with one of the colors from this mani (and shorter nails - I broke one again :/ and decided it was impossible for me to have 'long' - for my standard - nails)

I used the one I used for the stripes, it's a franken designed to look like Magnetic Force like it does in the bottle..
It's not spot on, but kind of close.. Maybe it should be a little bit more pink-ish, but I like it this way
With flash

Without flash (the most color accurate of those two pics)

It's just something simple, but I really like how it looks, because I love my frankened color.. It has a nice shimmer in it..

See ya !

I've got internet again :D

I finally got my internet up and running :D So no more using others internet and getting kicked off all the time.. Wuhuu :)

I've made sooo many manis! But I'll begin with showing two of them, or else it'll be a drag to get through..

Here's a blue/grey and holo striped mani.. Simple, but I really loooved the holo effect..
On my ring finger is a coat of a gosh glitter-kind-of-polish, and it really had a crazy effect in real life.. I'm not that good at the nail polish terminology, but I think if there's any such thing as holo glitter, that was what it was..

Next up is a sea-inspired mani..
From left to right - it is supposed to be - seaweed, a stingray, seaweed, corals and an octopus

And again, here it's supposed to be corals, seaweed, a shoal of fish and a jellyfish (well that's the thumb, if you can't see it, I didn't really know if I should count it as the first or last)

I really enjoyed doing the sea-mani.. I think I'll try to do somethin "life-like" again soon, because I've been making a lot of simple manis.. But I'm not sure what, so if you have any suggestions just throw them at me.

I'll be updating again soon (if anyone cares).. See ya :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn is here :) Yay!

Yeah.. I'm so glad it's not summer anymore (at least according to the calender) - so I had to dedicate a mani to autumn.
Yeah I know most people want summer to stay, but I'm sick and tired of the warm weather and the sun shining all the time.. So I'm glad it's a bit colder (even though I'm already freezing and it's not at all that cold)

The red one I've used on my ring finger and as some of the leaves is a franken. I've been really hooked on making frankens the last weeks; I've made so many (well 5 or something) that I haven't even tried them all yet.. But I will at some point :)

I did this mani on the 31st of august, so I'm kind of catching up on previous manis. My internet is still not working, but I've found another internet to log on to, which is more stabil than the other and a bit faster..
I'm only going to show you one mani now, or else it will take too long to update with this internet connection.

Tomorrow is my first 'real' day of school and it's soo exciting to see how it is like :)

See ya!
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