Saturday, August 28, 2010


Heya! Long time no.. post? I've only made one mani since I posted last (well two with the one I've made today) and it was sooo bad it wasn't worth even taking pictures of. That's why I haven't been blogging.. And I've been busy with all the arrangements at uni.. And I'm going to the last introduction-arrangement today and that's what've inspired the mani I'm going to show you in a bit..

We're having that last party before we're going to be serious and actually study.. And it's a theme party, so we are going to be dressed according to that theme. The theme is the World Cup in South Africa, so we can be dressed as people from the nations that participated in the World Cup or as people or animals from South Africa..

My first thought was "I want to be a giraffe!".. I've always loved the patterns of a giraffe.. So my second thought was "Then I can do giraffe-themed nails!!" So I kind of had to stick with the giraffe idea, even though I didn't know how I should dress like one..

Here's how the nails looks:
And with flash, so you can see the golden shimmer:

I tried to take some pics together with my costume, but it didn't turn out well.. But I'll show you anyway..

Here's the dress-kind-of-thing I'm going to wear. I've painted the brown pattern with acrylic paint and this is just a tiny bit..

And here's what I'm intending on wearing on my head:

And here's what I used for the mani:

I hope I'll get a picture with me in the costume so you can see how it actually looks..
I'm looking forward to being a giraffe today :) haha

That was a long rambling..

See ya!


  1. Det var da utroligt, jeg går og tænker på noget jeg vil lade, og så laver du det :P Og det er total nice lavet :D Elsker giraffer :D

  2. Haha det var da skægt.. Jeg kan læse dine tanker!! :) Tak, jeg elsker dem osse!


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