Saturday, August 28, 2010


Heya! Long time no.. post? I've only made one mani since I posted last (well two with the one I've made today) and it was sooo bad it wasn't worth even taking pictures of. That's why I haven't been blogging.. And I've been busy with all the arrangements at uni.. And I'm going to the last introduction-arrangement today and that's what've inspired the mani I'm going to show you in a bit..

We're having that last party before we're going to be serious and actually study.. And it's a theme party, so we are going to be dressed according to that theme. The theme is the World Cup in South Africa, so we can be dressed as people from the nations that participated in the World Cup or as people or animals from South Africa..

My first thought was "I want to be a giraffe!".. I've always loved the patterns of a giraffe.. So my second thought was "Then I can do giraffe-themed nails!!" So I kind of had to stick with the giraffe idea, even though I didn't know how I should dress like one..

Here's how the nails looks:
And with flash, so you can see the golden shimmer:

I tried to take some pics together with my costume, but it didn't turn out well.. But I'll show you anyway..

Here's the dress-kind-of-thing I'm going to wear. I've painted the brown pattern with acrylic paint and this is just a tiny bit..

And here's what I'm intending on wearing on my head:

And here's what I used for the mani:

I hope I'll get a picture with me in the costume so you can see how it actually looks..
I'm looking forward to being a giraffe today :) haha

That was a long rambling..

See ya!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back with Pride!

Mwuhaha, I think I managed to make a pun with the headline! ;) I'm back from my trip with my new class mates and the nails I'll show you today is inspired by the Copenhagen Gay Pride Parade I went to yesterday.. So, is the headline-pun accepted? :p

Well anyway it was a GREAT trip! We went to a hut in the middle of nowhere, with the sea on two sides of us and lots of beers! We did a lot of bonding, teambuilding and, of course, drinking!

We were back Friday and yesterday I went to the Pride Parade! I really loove the spirit at gatherings like that. So I thought I should show a little support by making rainbow-inspired nails. And I really liked them! Especially because it means a lot of bright colors on my nails :)They look better IRL, it wasn't easy to caputure it. Especially because it was dark. And that's the reason why I didn't get around to clean it up afterwards..

Here's what I used:
Thanks to those of you who voted for me in the contest at Daily Nail (if anybody did :p)

Later today I'm going to meet up with my class mates again, the guys who planned our hut-trip has planned a pyjamas-and-antrophology-movies-night for us. Did that make any sense?

Well nonetheless that means we 'have been to school' today so we have tomorrow off, so I'll probably update tomorrow (but I won't promise) It's not like we are having any lectures yet, until September we are only getting to know each other..

See ya!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Butterfliiiiiiies :)

Et par uger siden, efter jeg besøgte mine forældre, ville jeg lave et design med inspiration i deres dug i køkkenet, men jeg havde problemer med min hvide neglelak.. Og det har jeg stadig :/ Den er tyk og vil ikke rigtig tørre. Jeg prøvede at fortynde den lidt med en klar lak, men den vil stadig ikke tørre :/
Men jeg ville rigtig gerne lave det design alligevel, så jeg valgte bare en anden baggrundsfarve.

A couple of weeks ago, after I visited my parents, I wanted to make a manicure with the pattern on their table cloth, but I had a disagreement with my white polish.. I still do :/ I tried to thin it with some clear nail polish of the same brand, but it's still really thick and doesn't really dry :/ But I decided I wanted to make that design anyway, so I just chose to do it with another background color..

Her er dugen (ja, billedet er på hovedet, men jeg er for doven til at vende et om nu)/Here's the table cloth (sorry the pic is upside down, but I'm to lazy to do anything about it now):

Jeg brugte min nye grå H&M neglelak i stedet for den hvide/And I just my new H&M stone grey as the background instead:

Ikke alle sammen blev som jeg gerne ville have det, men jeg er ret tilfreds med det overordnet. Det er mange-farvet, men alligevel ret stille og roligt pga den grå baggrund.
Og jeg er desværre blevet nødt til at file mine negle ned :/Ikke fordi de var specielt lange, men nu er de endnu kortere!

Not all of them turned out as I wanted it, but overall I'm kind of satisfied. There's a lot of color but still subtle because of the grey color..
And I had to file my nails down :/ They weren't really long before but now they're REALLY short :/ And they are actually even shorter now, you'll see that next time I update..

Lige nu er mine negle faktisk også nøgne :o (Undtagen en basecoat, der skulle gøre mine negle stærkere) fordi de splittede igen igår, så jeg blev nødt til at tage neglelakken af i går aftes og file dem ned, og jeg har ikke lige fået lagt ny neglelak på endnu.

Right now my nails are naked :o (except for a basecoat to make them a bit stronger) because they split a bit more, so I had to take the polish off last night, and haven't gotten around to do a new manicure yet :/


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All dressed up! and broken nails :/

Jeg lavede den her manicure igår. Jeg tog et billede før vi begyndte at spise aftensmad (min bror lavede aftensmad og jeg lavede negle.. Fair fordeling, ikk? :) ) (og før jeg fik fjernet det neglelak der røg ved siden af) og det er det billede i får at se. For jeg ødelagde designet mens jeg spiste og ved at vaske op bagefter..

I made this mani yesterday, just before dinner (My brother made the dinner, I did my nails.. That's fair, right? :) ).. I took one pic before dinner (and before cleaning up) and that's the pic you're gonna get.. I ruined the mani by eating and washing the dishes afterwards..

Der er flere detaljer på 'damen' end man kan se på billedet. Men jeg kan rigtig godt lide den her idé, så jeg må lave flere designs af den slags.

There are more details on 'the lady', they are just not captured in the photo..
But I really like this idea, I have to make more manis like this..

Her er hvad jeg brugte/This is what I used:

Jeg knækkede nogle af mine negle inden jeg gik i seng, men var for træt til at gøre noget ved det, så det skal jeg til at gøre nu. Og lave et nyt design, hvis jeg kan finde på et..

Then I broke a couple of nails just before I went to bed. I was to tired to do something about it, so I'm about to do that now.. And do a new mani.. If I can think of one..

Heldigvis starter jeg i skole i næste uge og så vil jeg ikke have tid til at lave et nyt design hver dag og så får jeg ikke brugt op al min neglelak på en gang!

Luckily I start in school next week, then I won't have the time to do a new mani each day and then I won't use up all of my polish at once!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiny, petite, mini haul (but free.. kind of)

Jeg er medlem af H&M Club og i går fik jeg min årlige bonus check på hele 100 kr! Og hvad skulle jeg ellers bruge pengene på end neglelak?

Well, I'm a H&M Club member.. And yesterday I recieved my annual gift voucher, which size depends on how much you've bought. Or at least how much you've bought those days you remembered to show your card.. My voucher was on 100 DKK ($17.8 or Euro 13.42) Which is nothing.. Well not nothing, but I wouldn't be able to buy any clothes with it, so I, of course, chose to buy nail polish :D

Heldigivs har de lige fået nogle meget små flasker (3.2 ml) som kun koster 10 kr, så jeg kunne købe mere end to farver :) Plus, hvis man ser på hvad de koster pr ml, så er de små faktisk billigst! Feeedt..

Luckily for me, they've just gotten these very small bottles (3.2 ml) that only costs 10 DKK ($1.8 or Euro 1.3) so I was able to buy more than two colors :D Plus if you look at how much they cost per ml, the small ones are actually cheaper! Niice..

Her er de jeg købte/Here's what I got:

V til H/L to R: Summer coral, Miss stone heart, Blue sky, Summer fresh

Jeg besluttede mig for at prøve den grå og så lave striber i en masse forskellige farver. Meget simpelt, men på den måde kunne jeg få afprøvet nogle af de farver, der ligner hinanden.

I decided to try out the grey one and then stripe a lot of colours on it. Very simple, but very good way for me to compare some of my 'similar' looking colors.

Jeg kan ikke lide alle kombinationerne, men så ved jeg det til en anden gang :)

I don't like all the combinations, but I know that now :)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


To af de neglelakker jeg fik i går mindede mig om en høj hat. Jeg ved ikke helt hvorfor og hvor jeg skulle have set den kombination før? Nå men jeg besluttede mig ihvertfald for at bruge den kombination på mine negle. Det var meget svært at få et ordentligt billede af, men her er det bedste. Er det til at se på billedet?

Two of the polishes I got yesterday reminded me of a high hat.. I have no idea why.. Where have I seen that combination before? Well, I decided to make a design with those colors and high hats. It was very difficult to capture with the camera, but this is the best pic of it I got.. Is it possible to see?

Jeg kan rigtig godt lide farverne. Baggrundsfarven er en sort med lilla glitter i og jeg tegnede hatten og den yderste del af neglen med en 'farve-skiftende' neglelak med lilla glimmer i, som virkelig fik det lilla ud af baggrunds neglelakken. Så brugte jeg en grøn glitter-neglelak til at tegne rundt om hatten og en stribe på de andre negle.

I really like the colors, the base is a black polish with purple glitter and I drew the hats and the tip of the nails on the other fingers with a 'color-changing' polish with purple shimmer in it, that really brought the purple out of the base polish. And then I used a green shimmer to outline the hats and and the tip.

Jeg har stadig problemer med at få mine hænder og neglebånd til ikke at være så tørre, indtil videre hjælper mine produkter ikke og jeg har ikke råd til at købe en masse nye produkter, når nu jeg skal til at købe bøger osv. Så hvis der er nogen der har et billigt
trick af en art, må i endelig sige til :)

I'm still struggling with making my hands and cuticle moist and happy, but so far it doesn't really help and I can afford to spend a lot of money on new products as I'm going to spend a lot of money on books and stuff soon :/ So cheap advices are welcome ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

New polishes, yay!

Jaaah, jeg har fået de neglelak jeg bestilte fra USA for nogle måneder siden :) De er en del anderledes end dem man kan få herhjemme (og man kan endda få nogle meget vildere nogen der ovre!)

Yeah I got the polishes I orderen from the States a couple of months ago! I'm so excited, they are so different from the polishes available here (and waaay cheaper).. And they're not even that special compared to what else you can get over there.. But compared to the boring ones you can get here... Yay :)

Så jeg glæder mig til at prøve dem alle, men jeg har bare et problem.. Jeg har ikke rigtig nogen inspiration til hvad jeg skal lave? Så hvis du har nogle forslag, så vil jeg med glæde høre/læse dem :)

So I'm looking forward to try all of them (it will take a while) but I just have one problem.. I need inspiration on what to do? So if you have any suggestion I'll be happy to hear them (or read them..)

Men jeg havde en idé til hvad jeg skulle lave idag. Det blev ikke helt som jeg havde regnet med, men jeg syns stadig det ser fedt ud.. Der er masser af farver og det er noget værre rod :) Det er sådan jeg kan lide mine negle ;)

But I managed to think of something to do today.. It didn't turn out as I wanted it, but I still think it looks kind of cool.. It's colorfull and messy and that's how I like my nails :)
I don't now if it's possible to see that I applied 'Matte-Astrophe' on the ring finger? The different isn't that big, but I had to try :)

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