Monday, April 21, 2014

No Happy Monday for me today :(

Hi all :)

Today's Happy Monday theme is animals, but I'm not participating today. I'm doing fieldwork at a hospital at the moment, so I'm not allowed to wear nail polish! I could in principle have done a mani today, while I'm at home, and take it off again after a couple of hours, but I don't like doing that :)

Hopefully I can make a mani next week, but I'm not getting home again (it's a couple of hours away from where I live, so I'm living there during the fieldwork) until late sunday, so it's only if I get a chance to do it during the day Monday that I'll participate next week.

But check out the other girls' animals manis =)

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday - Easter: Brigth Easter Florals

Hi all :)

Today's theme is Easter.. I'm not big on easter traditions.. I thought about making easter eggs og bunnies or something, but it didn't feel right for me to do it.. For me easter is more about bright colors and flowers, so that's what I went for :)

I used a base of Urban Outfitters Virgin and then I blotted on  L'Oreal Atomic Purple, Kongsøre of Denmark No. 5048 and Gosh Neon Baby with saran wrap and lastly stamped with QA61 (from BornPretty Store) and Wet'N'Wild Black Creme. I love this stamping plate!

Check out the other easter manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Failed triangles and failed photos!

Hi all :)

Today I'm showing you a fail! Because why not?

I tried to replicate THIS triangle nail art tby Pshiiit, but as you can see I didn't even manage to place the tape right so as to make triangles on my pointer.. haha.. I was SO excited about doing this nail art and failed so hard! But I still enjoyed the colors of the polishes used..

And apropros those, my camera freaked trying to take pictures of them and since I already have trouble with my white balance setting atm, I couldn't capture them at all! I used China Glaze Highlight of my Summer and Hot Makeup No. 08..

I hope you enjoyed seeing my fail :p Be sure to check out the inspiration behind it, because that's awesome nail art!

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Monday - Wonderful Sky: Wonderful Night Sky

Hi all :)

Today's theme is 'wonderful sky'.. I didn't want to do a night sky, but after seeing THIS nail art by Copycat Claws, I knew I had to try that out anyway :) Even though it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it - I wanted it to have been darker - I still like it a lot :)

I used a base of Orly Snowcone. Did a gradient with H&M Want a Lemon, Orly Snowcone, Rimmel My Denim and Impala Paparazzi. I then did 'stars' and a moon with Sally Hansen White On.

After doing a coat of Orly Snowcone I was impressed (again) by how opaque it was, so I snapped a quick picture (therefore it's a bit of a mess). If I wanted to wear it alone I might have done a second coat, but as a base for this nail art I did just one.. Look how opaque it is!! haha..

Here's the Spring Challenge overview (even though the order is a bit different now)

Check out the other wonderful sky manis :)

Have fun and take care =)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Negative Space Textured Nail Art

Hi all :)

This is the most simple nail art I've ever done, but I love it so much! First time I've done 'negative space' nail art - if I can even call it that.. What I did was to put down tape on my BARE nail - not even with a basecoat on it - and then did two coats of each of the colors. I used Barry M Station Road (yellow), Atlantic Road (blue) and Ridley Road (mint)..

I simply LOVE the colors and the 'weirdness' of the naked nail peeking through on my ring finger.

Unfortunately I messed up my middle finger a bit and had to apply a third coat - and that's why the texture is not as prominent..

Have you tried doing 'negative space' nail art? Do you like that trend?

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday April's Fools: Jack in a box!

Hi all :)

I'm quite excited for this nail art! It's not perfect or fantastic or anything, but I like it and it turned out as I planned - almost!

I searched for April's Fool on Google Images and one of the pictures I saw was a Jack in a box. I had thought about doing a Jester hat, but knew I had to do a Jack instead :)

I did a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on pointer, index and ring finger and OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana. I did the black outline with acrylic paint, because I thought I would be able to rectify mistakes, but alas, this acrylic paint is very potent and wouldn't come off entirely. If I managed to get it off it leaved a very noticeable trace.. So I had to stick with my flaws.. The rest of the polishes I used was Collection 2000 Geranium (red), Revlon Posh (green), Rimmel My Denim (blue), Sally Hansen Stocking Nude (nude) and Wet'n'Wild French White Creme.

Look - it's quite close to my sketch;

I knew I wouldn't be able to do the same on my right hand, so I just did dots - and took this awkward right-hand-photo:

Check out the other April's Fools manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Picture Polish Aurora - Wowza indeed!

Hi all :)

When Picture Polish announced their new LE's I knew I needed Aurora! Luckily I was online and looking at Norway Nails Facebook-page to see when they were released here in Europe on the day of the release, so I was there when they announced they were available ;)

When I got it I was blown away! It was much more beautiful than the swatches showed! It had so many more shades in the shift than I saw on swatches - including copper! SO beautiful!

I wore it a couple of weeks ago - two coats layered over black. I didn't really have time to take good pictures because I was on my way out of the house for the weekend. I managed to get 1 good pic and one okay one.

Even though a lot of people have shown this one, I wanted to do a short post anyway.. And it helps that they soon release a second batch of Aurora plus a new one, Borealis - on the 31st of March.

You can almost see the copper shift in the above photo! It is often visible in real life!

Mmmm... *drool*...

Did you get your hands on Aurora? Isn't it wonderful? Or are you going to try on Monday?

Have fund and take care =D
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